Free as a Bird

It’s unabashed promotion time again. This week The Backward Time Traveler will be free on Amazon Kindle from Thursday, March 31st through to Saturday, April 2nd.

time-traveler4The Blurb: Keera Miles, a psychic, is asked by her spirit guide Bardo to astral travel back 200 years, to rescue a sacred stone from a Native American tribe before it’s lost forever. She teams up with an annoying, cynical reporter Zach Bones from the Chicago Post. The ingenious, twisty plot throws them into their worst conflict with the malevolent Red Leaf, a healer who holds the stone, and its secret. It’s Romancing the Stone with time travel.

I recently asked the legendary editor Dave King for a read over and comment. He suggested only a few minor changes to expand the story line. What a relief.

The beauty of eBooks is that any changes can be published as soon as they are written. Which I’ve done. That’s practically instantaneous compared to print. Download and enjoy.

Reviews are highly welcome; even one line would be good. If you’d like a free review copy as an epub, email me at my website, or PM me on Facebook.